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Peer Review Process

In order to insure academic writing of adequate quality, all submissions for future publication in The CHSS Journal will be undergo our peer review process. The peer review process will be led by the Head of The Peer Review Process with the help of editor team at the CHSA Journal. Industry professionals, and academic scholars may also be contacted to give feed back if the circumstance allows.

Submission Process

If you are interested in having your work potentially published in the upcoming issue of the CHSS Journal, please submit PDF of your work via email. Within 48 hours of the original submission, we will send a confirmation email that your paper has entered the peer-review process, or an alternate email detailing the necessary modifications that must make before your paper will considered into the peer-review process. After the in-house peer-review process has been initiated, please wait up to one week for the team to review your paper. 

As our journal publishes annually, we pride ourselves in being able to offer detailed feedback to all submissions.

Although there is no strict format you must follow in order for your work to be published, we ask for all authors to make a genuine effort in assuring the best quality of writing possible. The team is looking forwards to reading all the submissions!


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