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Get to know the managing team

The Canadian High School Stem Journal was co-founded and managed by a team of 5 highly motivated high school students. The journal was founded with the intention of giving Canadian high school students the opportunity to have their work published and seen by a greater audience. 

Michel Collet - Chief Editor

Michel is a currently a high school senior studying at West Point Grey Academy. Over the last two years, he has participated as a research assistant for professors and PhD students at UBC. Michel hopes to expand his understanding of the academic world through collaborating with others. In the future, Michel hopes to conduct clinical research at the post secondary level. On his spare time, you can find Michel studying, biking around town, or reading a good book. He is honoured to be the Chief Editor and Co-founder of the CHSS journal, and hopes to share his interest with the people around him.

Pierre Collet - Head of The Peer Review Process


Pierre is currently a senior attending at West Point Grey Academy. His research interests lie within the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Neuroscience. For the past few years, he has been actively partaking in science fairs, and research assistant positions in order to dive deeper within his scientific fields of interest. In addition to Pierre’s love for science, he’s also interested in supporting his community; he is currently working closely with Special Olympics, where he is aiding in a project that aims to increase physical literacy for children with Neurodevelopmental deficiencies. Pierre takes great pride in being the Head of The Peer Review Process for the CHSS journal, and hopes to expand the journal across Canada. 

Joshua Ham - Head of Engineering and Mathematics


Joshua is a grade 12 student studying at West Point Grey Academy. Joshua's fields of interest are Physics, Mathematics, and Music. He will be cross enrolled in several second year university math courses next year, in order further explore his area of passion. Josh hopes to one day make an impact in the fields of math and astrophysics. He is looking forward to be an executive member of the CHSS Journal, and takes honour in being part of the peer-review process. 

Aaron Lu - Head of Economics Literature


Aaron is currently a grade 12 student enrolled at West Point Grey Academy. His interests are within the fields of economics, business, and mathematics, where he hopes to enter in his post secondary education. Aaron hopes to share his past research experience in financial valuations and public policy and make research more accessible to all high school students. He can't wait to make an impact on the leadership team of the CHSS Journal as a co-founder and the Head of Economics Literature.

Alden Chau - Head of Natural Sciences


Alden is a current Grade 12 student enrolled at West Point Grey Academy. As an avid musician and having received the ARCT diploma for Violin, he's passionate in music composition, as well as theory. Alongside his interest in music, Alden also has vast interest in reading literature pertaining to the biological and medical science; which he hope to share with others. Alden takes great pride in being a founding member of the CHSS journal, and can't wait to examine all submissions.

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